Department - Author 1

Dairy Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Dairy Science



Primary Advisor

Leanne Berning


The objective of this project is to determine how to implement a cost effective and efficient surveillance system at the Cal Poly Dairy. This system would help monitor labor, feed, and cows while increasing the biosecurity, accountability, and efficiency throughout the Cal Poly Dairy. To make this determination, I researched different types of products and the equipment necessary that will meet the needs of the dairy currently and for future projects. A list of specifications was created that help guide the search for appropriate companies and products for this project. Talking to surveillance experts also helped create a better sense of what is necessary to implement a system like the one desired at the Cal Poly Dairy. I found that there are many companies who are appropriate for this project, though only a couple have products that meet all of the specifications. Identifying the right manufacturers, systems, and integrators is important in getting this system implemented. Follow up work will be necessary to make sure that the systems proposed meet both the long and short term goals of the Cal Poly Dairy.

Included in

Dairy Science Commons