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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

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Dairy Science Department

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BS in Dairy Science



Primary Advisor

Stan Henderson


The objective of this project is to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for the Cal Poly dairy milk barn, which will help prepare students to be more efficient at milking in the newly renovated milking parlor. A double 10 parallel parlor is to be put into place to update the current milk barn. The current milking parlor is a double 8 herringbone barn which holds eight cows per side that are positioned at an angle. The double 8 herringbone parlor is to be remodeled into a double 10 parallel parlor. In addition, a double 10 parallel barn has ten cows on each side and are being milked between the hind legs. Information was gathered from the Cal Poly dairy’s herd manager, Rich Silacci, to develop a new SOP poster for the new milking parlor. Proper milking procedures were discussed and a poster was developed. The poster is to be placed in the milk barn near the pit where students are milking. The SOP poster is to be used as an easy way to answer any questions that they may have about proper milking procedures. The poster that was created contains 6 different steps to insure that students are consistent in their milking procedures. The first step in this SOP poster is to Pre-dip. It is important to apply the Pre-dip to the first five cows, cover the whole bottom 2/3 of each teat and allow the Pre-dip to sit for 30 seconds. Step number 2 calls for stripping the milk from the teats of the five cows and remove 2-3 squirts from each quarter. Step number 3 calls for wiping all five cows teats clean and to use as many towels as needed, but making sure not to transfer dirty towels to the next cow. Step number 4 calls for attaching the milking unit to the five cows and to make sure the milk hose and pulsation hose are parallel with the cows body pointing directly back towards the parlor pit. The milk hose will rest on the hose clamp located on the curb. Step number 5 is when the automatic take-off removes the milking unit when the cow is done being milked. Finally, step number 6 calls for the five cow’s four teats to be post-dipped. In addition, the SOP poster will contain extra information such as attending to liner slips, also known as squawking, as soon as possible to decrease chance of mastitis. In addition, it is important to make sure cows are completely milked out to decrease the chance of mastitis. The use of this SOP poster will aid students in learning how to milk the cows properly and provide for their success in the work place.

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