Department - Author 1

Dairy Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Dairy Science



Primary Advisor

Leanne M. Berning


The objective of this project was to determine how knowledgeable private inner-city high school students are about basic information regarding the dairy industry. The project also sought to identify areas of interest these students may have concerning the dairy industry. Upon determining the level of knowledge and areas of interest an online dairy education module covering two main lessons was created. A survey was conducted to identify what type of information to include in the module. The survey was conducted through an online database and consisted of twenty questions. Different styles of questions were used to collect sound data that could be analyzed with ease. A random sample of upper division private inner-city San Francisco high school students participated in the survey. The sample size consisted of 65 students and resulted in a 70.8 percent response rate.

The results of the survey displayed that majority of the students who participated have little to no knowledge about the dairy industry. Based on the questions that were mostly answered incorrectly, an online module was created. The module targets two main ideas: basic dairy cow information and basic dairy production material.

Based on current trends in technology, it was determined that an online module would be the best way to allow easy access to inner-city students to learn more about the dairy industry. The module is easily accessible and simple to implement in the classroom, in homes, and anywhere internet is available via the mobile version. The module allows for a new pool of potential future dairy industry employees to become interested in attending higher education programs targeting this industry.