Department - Author 1

Dairy Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Dairy Science



Primary Advisor

Bruce Golden


The objective of this study was to determine if there was a significant difference in weight gain and grain intake between Holstein calves fed milk replacer with an alternative protein source and an all-milk replacer. The study took place on a large commercial calf operation in the Central Valley of California. All calves on trial were Holstein bull calves and started the trial within three to ten days of birth. Calves on trial were weighed a total of four times. The 236 treatments did not start until the second weight was measured at about 30 days of age and was fed until the calves were weaned. There was no significant difference in weight gain or grain intake during the treatment period. The total weights of the calves on both treatments increased during the course of the study. Grain intake increased as well. Also, plastic and metal buckets were used in both treatments and the differences in weight between plastic and metal buckets were analyzed. The buckets made no difference in weight until the final weight, which was measured about 20 d after weaning. The calves with plastic buckets gained more than those fed from the metal buckets at the fourth weight.

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