College - Author 1

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Department - Author 1

Dairy Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Dairy Science



Primary Advisor

Leanne Berning, Bruce Golden



The objective of this experiment is to determine if holstein steers can be raised for a high quality, profitable beef product. The data collected came from Dyt Dairy and their steer program. Records came from the Souza Family, who does the calf raising for Dyt Dairy, and were compiled into a spread sheet. Daily costs incurred in raising a steer for the first five months were incorporated and analyzed relative to different rates of gain. The second stage analysis involved the next five months on a higher ration at Dyt Dairy #2. Again costs per day and rates of gain were calculated and compiled on a spread sheet. The final stage of the steer program was sending them to O.K. Cattle L.L.C. for finishing. With all the information compiled on a spread sheet, a cost analysis was performed on the performance of the holstein steers. The results showed that the holstein steers were profitable and provided an average income of $236.82 per head. This result came from an average rate of gain of 2.667 the first 135 days, 2.767 the next 150 days, and 3.517 the final 145 days. The weighted average of costs per day was $2.99, which included all costs. As a result Dyt Dairy will continue to raise holstein steers and look into expanding their holstein steer herd size.

Included in

Dairy Science Commons