Teaching and Learning Strategies


As they begin teaching on the CSU tenure-track, junior faculty members have many questions – and much to say about teaching at CSU. In Fall 2008, a learning community, We Should Talk: A Discussion Group for Junior Faculty “On the Road to Tenure” offered junior faculty at a CSU campus an opportunity to share experiences, offer insight and create a supportive learning community of peers. Participant-driven discussions focused on topics relevant to the “Retention, Tenure, and Promotion” (RTP) process, particularly the challenges junior faculty face in the classroom. The discussions were structured around scenarios developed by both the Learning Community’s facilitator and the Learning Community participants. Some of the teaching challenges discussed in the Learning Community included topics like classroom civility, grade disputes, understanding the boundaries between mentoring and counseling students, and effectively teaching students with disabilities. Participants in this session will discuss the scenarios as well as the effective teaching strategies identified by the Learning Community. The session will be structured around participant discussions of topics brought forth in the Learning Community. Participants will get the opportunity to explore topics and scenarios in small groups, share their findings with the large group, and discuss the effective strategies discovered and explored by the Learning Community.