Department - Author 1

Computer Science Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Science



Primary Advisor

Shinjiro Sueda


The goal of our project is to make an online large-scale multiplayer game with persistent user data. This will involve real-time player interaction and many customization options. This game will be a massively-multiplayer online tactics role-playing game (MMOTRPG), a genre that has been insufficiently explored. This area of browser-based massive multiplayer games is also a platform of gaming that has yet to realize the capabilities of modern browsers and the level of interaction and graphics they now support.

The scope of our project does not encompass the complete feature set we have intended for the game, but rather a technical demonstration of its core and the overcoming of any difficulties that may arise in the technical components of this game. As a result, the bulk of this project will be comprised of developing a functional code-base to run a more basic version of the game in our intended environment.

The purpose of this game is to ultimately create a free unrestricted online multiplayer experience where creativity and ingenuity are fostered in the players. While the full set of features intended for the game far exceeds the components covered by the project, we plan to make an independent and functional game that will act as an early iteration for the project’s future development cycle.