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BS in Computer Science




Phillip Nico


The goal of my senior project was to generalize the process of creating featured product pages with iFixit. Featured product pages are pages with custom content describing an individual product such as text blurbs, images, and even some responsive components. These do not have a simple template like products you might see on Amazon but instead involve scrolling through a variable amount of content.

In order to generalize these, each part of the page was broken into discrete components that contain custom content. There are components for images, paragraph blurbs, lists, footers and more. These components are implemented with React and can have their custom content passed in to the individual components. To make the page then involves rendering a series of components in order with whatever custom content desired for that product.

This project solves the problem of how to create featured product pages quicker by providing a cleaner and more straightforward way for programmers to create new ones. With less hard coding, programmers can rely on previous examples more easily and change only parts of the page that are required to be custom. Also, the components will be implemented in a way that is more general and will require less style tweaking. This final process should allow for many pages to be created with minimal code duplication and minimal time spent programming.