CRP 410/411


Shandon is a small community located about twenty miles east of Paso Robles in northern San Luis Obispo County. The town is adjacent to state Highway 46, and its main street, Centre Street, is also a state route—Highway 41—which runs through the center of town. The town’s population is growing, and currently totals about one thousand residents. The town’s population comprises two main groups; there are roughly equal numbers of Latino and white residents living in Shandon.

Shandon has very few services to offer its residents. The population is currently too small to support many businesses such as shops, restaurants, and other commercial activities. There is also a shortage in medical services, with no local facilities. The only services located in Shandon now are a Post Office, a small market, and a supply store. Residents currently must travel to other cities to fulfill their everyday needs—or go without.


Urban, Community and Regional Planning

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