The City of Bell, a charter city of Los Angeles County, is a densely-developed community located approximately eight miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles. The City is composed of two distinct districts; the original “center city” is the residential and commercial core of the City, while industrial uses are concentrated in the Cheli Industrial Area to the northeast. The two districts are connected by a narrow strip of land along the Los Angeles River and the I-710 Freeway. Bell is relatively small in area—2.81 square miles, or 1,798 acres. With a population of 35,477 in 2010, its population density is approximately 19.7 persons per acre. 90% of its residents are Hispanic or Latino, and modest population growth is predicted over the next decade. The City’s land use patterns are similar to those of other “inner-ring” suburbs in the Los Angeles region, characterized by established single-family residential neighborhoods, commercial corridors, and industrial centers. Because the City contains very little vacant land for new development, future development will take the form of redevelopment, infill projects, and adaptive building reuse.


Urban, Community and Regional Planning





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