The experience of hosting an international conference at the University of Michigan on the topic of shelter, women, and development provided the authors of this paper with two kinds of insights. First, there was useful substantive information which broadened our delineation of the subject area addressed. Second, we developed a heightened awareness of university and institutional administration and the logistical issues that must be attended to if faculty/student initiatives are to succeed. This paper extracts some elements of this experience in the areas of substantive inquiry, logistical arrangements, and implications for pedagogy, which may be useful to other academics considering similar activities. In this paper we favor the process issues involved in designing the intellectual content of the conference and its output, believing them to be applicable to other initiatives which seek to weave together pedagogy, research, and action, depending on the culture and the mandate of the host institution.


Urban, Community and Regional Planning



URL: https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/crp_fac/70