The Guadalupe Community Plan contains long‐term goals, objectives, policies, and programs to provide a basis for decision‐making and guide development. Designed to create optimum levels of services, economic activity, and quality of life for residents and visitors, these statements are based on comprehensive research into existing community characteristics, anticipated opportunities, and public input. Guadalupe must be prepared to respond to the challenges and changes that projected population growth will bring, and this Plan can help guide that response. This Plan is both a statement of purpose and a decision‐making tool. As a statement of purpose, the Plan consists of the goals and objectives of its citizens. It identifies guidelines and a course of action that provide direction and the policies and programs to move from today’s urban conditions to the citizens’ desired conditions by the year 2030. In this sense, the overarching purpose of the Plan is to achieve the vision so vividly expressed by Guadalupe’s residents. In developing the Community Plan, graduate students from the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, City and Regional Planning department worked with City officials and community residents to formulate three different development scenarios. From these, a preferred scenario emerged, illustrating a possible future of Guadalupe in 2030. The preferred scenario accommodates the projected population and housing needs as well as the opportunities and constraints for future growth in Guadalupe.


Urban, Community and Regional Planning

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