The City of Guadalupe’s Housing Element is a major component of the General Plan that addresses adequate housing opportunities for Guadalupe residents through 2014. It serves as the primary policy document guiding local decision‐making related to housing. As one of the seven mandatory General Plan elements required by the State of California, the Housing Element is unique in that it is required to be updated every five years and its content is subject to detailed statutory requirements. The 2009 Housing Element Update provides a comprehensive analysis of Guadalupe’s demographic, economic, and housing characteristics as required by State Law. The Element also provides a detailed evaluation of the City progress in implementing the past five year’s policy and action programs related to housing production, preservation, and conservation. Based upon the City’s housing needs, available resources, constraints and opportunities for housing production and preservation, and its past performance, the Housing Element establishes a five‐year strategy of goals, measurable objectives, policies, and programs that directly address the housing needs of present and future Guadalupe residents.


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