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Creative Works Robert E. Kennedy Library, College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Graphic Design

Sasha Menshikova


Sasha Menshikova


Mark Cabrinha, Catherine Trujillo, Sasha Menshikova


Jett Witlin (ART ‘22), Hannah Travis (ART ‘19)


Hannah Travis (ART ‘19)

Cover art

Sasha Menshikova

Design for Digital Edition

Sasha Menshikova (ART, ‘20)


Russ White

Resesarch and additional contributors

Megan Caird (CAFES, ASM ‘20), Emily Chung (CAED, ARCH ‘22), Hope Golden (CLA Art & Design ‘20), Laura Akatsu Kuffner (CAED, ARCH ‘23), Aimie Olson (COSAM, Bio ‘21), Markus Rogne (OCOB, BBA ’19), Peter Serdiuk (OCOB, ECON ‘20), Jett Witlin (CLA, Art & Design ‘22), Miles Young (CENG, MECH ‘21), Tyler Ellison (Landscape Architecture, ‘19), Paul “Samurai” Macias (ART ‘21), Melanie DelaCruz (ART, ‘19), Luke Francis Austin (ART ‘20), Florence Scheve, (Landscape Architecture ‘21), Steven Man Nguyen (ART, ‘20), Abigail “Abi” Tate (ART ‘21), Haley Sylvers (ART ‘19), Brett Bodemer, Amelia Meyerhoff, (ENG ‘19), Ilko Iliev (ARCH ‘19), Cayley Nickerson (ART ‘21), Silvia Viola (Landscape Architecture, ‘19), Natalie Mitchell (ART ‘21), Quinn Fish, Isabella Paoletto (JOUR/ES), Cassie Garibay (JOUR),, Austin Linthicum (BUS), Aidan McGloin (JOUR), Naythan Bryant (JOUR), Solena Aguilar (ART), Monique Ejenuko (JOUR), Isabel Hughes (ENGL), Michael Barros (JOUR), Adi Saaf (ART ‘21), Jess Hardy (ART ‘21), Nikolina Cargonja (ART ‘21), Jessica Aiken (Ag Com,’19), Kimie Lewis (ART ‘20), Ellen Burke (Landscape Architecture), Luis Carrera (LARCH ’14), Christian Estrada (LARCH ’14), David Gonzalez (LARCH), Wazeem Khan (LARCH ’14), Jared Gibson (LARCH ’14), Ashley Marquez (LARCH ’14), Julianna Wild (LARCH ’14), David Jamesson (LARCH ’18), Wenjie Tan (LARCH ’19), Kord McKinney (LARCH ’19), Hau Chung Johnny Chan (LARCH ’19)


Faculty Exhibit Program


Impact: The Visual Communication of Information focuses on the diversity of visual communication created by students, faculty, and staff across California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Drawing from a multitude of methods in courses and activities across the campus, the exhibit displays the influences of visual communication in fields ranging from statistical data and geography, to art, design, and engineering, to performance and physics. This project was made possible by a gift from the Austin and Gabriela Hearst Foundation.

This catalog represents the onsite exhibit of the same name, which opened in winter of 2020 at Robert E. Kennedy Library.

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Languages of Motion