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In partnership with UCSB California Ethnic & Multicultural Archives (CEMA), UC Santa Barbara Library. Special thanks to M. Angel Diaz, Curator, CEMA

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Valerie Legates, Graphic Designer

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Based on the foundation and pedagogy of jaime ding, Poly Publishing Digital Publishing Research Fellow, 2019-2022.


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ChismeArte is a magazine of hybrid, radical street art, Barrio iconography, and avant-garde literature that questioned, expanded, and experimented with the possibilities of Chicano urban identity.

The ChismeArte Digital Experience is a collaborative effort with Robert E. Kennedy Library and Cal Poly faculty, staff, and students. The project shares the Kennedy Library 2008 onsite exhibition “ChismeArte ¡Y Que! Expanding Los Angeles’ Chicano Aesthetic” as well as scholarly access to the magazine archival editions, and an anthology of voices, remembrances, and interpretations inspired by ChismeArte.

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The ChismeArte Digital Experience is shared with permission by the copyright holders. Copyright for ChismeArte / XhismeArte remains with an amalgamation of past organizations consisting of the magazine’s founding organizations (The Concilio de Arte de Popular, ChismeArte Publications, LA Latino Writers Association) with registered copyright vesting with:
LA Latino Writers Association:
Victor Valle
Helen Maria Viramontes
Jesus Mena

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