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Andrew Pagan (2013) & Beverley Kwang (2012)

Graphic Design

Bryn Hobson (2014)


Catherine J. Trujillo


Mustang News

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Bryn Hobson (2014)


Faculty Exhibit Program


“Strive and Struggle: Documenting the Civil Rights Movement at Cal Poly, 1967-1975,” pays tribute to the students, administration, and national civil rights leaders that brought about lasting changes to Cal Poly.

In collaboration with University Archives, Kennedy Library staff, Graphic Design student assistants, and History Department graduate students, the exhibition is presented through the pages of the campus newspaper, the Mustang Daily, and explores campus reactions, struggles and triumphs during the Civil Rights years, as well as the efforts to establish Ethnic Studies courses, recruit Black faculty, and combat racial prejudice on campus.

Though the peak of the Civil Rights Era fell between 1955 and 1968, as Myrlie Evers indicated, the struggle continued long after this period. The exhibit focuses on the height of the Civil Rights Movement on the Cal Poly campus during these latter years.

The exhibit also highlights national Black leaders who visited Cal Poly’s campus during this period. Visitors included political leaders, sports legends, comedians, musicians, educators, and civil rights activists. These men and women shared their experiences combating racism, encouraged cooperation, and discouraged apathy.

“We must continue to strive and struggle for equality no matter how tired or successful we are ourselves, to help all our brothers and sisters... we must pick up and finish the work that others have died for trying to get our rights.” -- Myrlie Evers, African American Activist, as quoted during her campus visit on Jan. 8, 1973. The Mustang Daily, Cal Poly

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The original onsite exhibit was produced in 2009. The digital catalog was produced in 2012.