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History 303: Research and Writing Seminar in History


Andrew Morris


Over the years, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) has grown to become one of the most prestigious public universities in the western United States. Part of the reason for this continued success is the school’s devotion to maintaining tradition. The city of San Luis Obispo has been an integral partner in the school’s success through their willingness to accommodate the university’s needs. This report aims to examine the relationship between Cal Poly and the city of San Luis Obispo in regard to the Poly Royal open house event. Since the establishment of the university in 1901, the relationship between both parties had been tested on numerous occasions, but perhaps none as severe as the Poly Royal riots in 1990. The paper will look in-depth at the evolution of Poly Royal and how it came to become an integral part of the San Luis Obispo community.

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