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History 303: Research and Writing Seminar in History


Andrew Morris


Then California Polytechnic School did not fare well under the years of the Great Depression and under President Crandall. Cal Poly was in steep decline and eventually Crandall resigned during the peak of the economic crisis. However, President McPhee took over and brought with him a complete overhaul of the school into a vocational college. Not only did McPhee bring Cal Poly out of the Depression, but he expanded the college as well in terms of funding, projects, and buildings. By the advent of World War Two Cal Poly failed as an institution only in having been unable to supply the country with more graduates than it already had. Other institutions in the nation struggled assisting students in need of financial aid as well as themselves. Cal Poly had neither issue while the local horse track and Project Operation helped fund itself year to year with a profit. Enrollment grew rapidly as well, all this leading to Cal Poly having been unique in its situation during the Great Depression.

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