History Department


History 303: Research and Writing Seminar in History


Andrew Morris


Today at Cal Poly we make use of our Julian A. McPhee University Union building every day. Home to on-campus student resources such as the Multicultural Center, Gender Equity Center, Pride Center and ASI Craft Center, our UU is a place that provides unity for people of all different groups. Our UU also accommodates a bowling alley, a Chase Bank, Starbucks, a frozen yogurt shop- among other take-out restaurants, as commercial means to produce revenue so the building can sustain itself financially. The UU at Cal Poly is also used as a study space for students or a place to meet with peers and faculty recreationally. Understanding how Cal Poly students are making use of the UU deems further investigation to the historical roots of the building. Student involvement within the planning and organizing of our UU, formally known as the College Union, created and influenced how it became as the building did today. Looking at factors, such as the history of College Union goals across college campuses in America, as well as the architectural style the College Union was used in the design, may also demonstrate cont ributing elements we see today in our Union building at Cal Poly.

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