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History 303: Research and Writing Seminar in History


Andrew Morris


This research looks at the Cal Poly football program and its influence at the university. It looks at Cal Poly and other California State schools similar. While touching on the entire history of the Cal Poly football program, it will hone in on the post World War II era. This time period is significant due to the race to expand higher education. Decision makers at these institutions at the time saw athletics as a key to expanding their respective universities. Students and administration are primary characters in this paper. By looking at student run publications and administration publications, this paper will look at their attitudes when speaking about football. Looking at them gives the reader a sense of how football at Cal Poly affected the people on campus in a good way. Hard work, loyalty, sacrifice, and pride are major themes of the history of Cal Poly football. Admissions and financial advancements have been made due to football. The importance of the Cal Poly football program and the schools expansion shaped it into the proud university it is today.

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