History Department


History 303: Research and Writing Seminar in History


Andrew Morris


In this paper, I will observe how the liberal arts manifested themselves through Cal Poly’s general education program and subsequently how the program shifted from a haphazardly arranged course curriculum to something that involved not only structure, but also cohesive discipline. I will further observe how the general education program faced a dire situation in the 1970s and how it evolved into something much more structured and applicable by the turn of the century. This was accomplished by completely renovating the general education requirements to suit the idea of a broadened education that placed greater emphasis on the liberal arts. With the result of this newly created curriculum, I will argue that Cal Poly’s idea of a “comprehensive Polytechnic University” is unique in the sense that it attempts to heighten general education to the point of equal value with that of the technical, thus fusing two different approaches of education into one.