Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

Michael Haungs


As the future of computing moves from the traditional personal computer to that of devices in the mobile realm, the mobile device becomes a more important part of our lives. Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, mobile devices have become heavily adopted. The adoption rate at which both Android and iOS device have been adopted among users has out-paced the adoption rate of the PC revolution from the 1980s and the Internet boom from the 1990s.6 Within the smart phone market, adoption of Android smartphones is increasing six times faster than iPhone adoption.8 In the spans of 5 years since the first Android phones was released, Android has achieved the largest share of the smart phone market. A major reason for this large share is that the Android OS is used by many manufactures, which each make android phones. The current generation of Android devices has many different sensors and features to try to improve the users experience with the device. A basic requirement for all smart phones is that they have the ability to get connected through a data network or wifi. These creates great potential for interconnectivity between apps run on different devices Current phones rely on a touch screen for a majority of all user inputs, which is very beneficial to applications. All current mobile devices have location settings built into them. These settings vary from using GPS to figure out your location to using your network to triangulate a rough location. A GPS lock tends to be more accurate and precise. Within Android apps, Google has made it easy for developer to use Google Maps within their app. For my senior project, I want to explore this evolving field. So, I decided to build an android application. The hope was to use many of the features and sensors to develop an understanding of how they work and how to incorporate them into an app to influence what happens. I was able to incorporated GPS location functionality, server connectivity, and sever communication, as part of my project. The goal of my project was to take a simple game and try to improve it with location-based functionality.