Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

Christopher Lupo


The Memento project focuses on providing Android phone users with a new alternative to capture memories. Its main purpose is to create an application that stores pictures and data on an Android phone. Users can view these saved entries for later use to recall what they have done in the past or show to others. The initial idea for this project stemmed from a personal interest in both scrapbooks and popular microblog services. The application aims to provide a new service that is currently not offered in the Android Market.

In order to create this application, there are two main stages of design. The first stage is the creation of a user interface. The user interface will be made up of several screens containing different options that users can select. Users will choose the appropriate option in order to utilize the functions of the application that they want to do. Some of these functions include taking pictures or saving text notes. The second stage of the Memento project involves programming the code that utilizes the phone’s hardware. The code will control the functionality of the camera or global positioning system as well as link the user interfaces to their corresponding functions.

The testing of this application will be conducted through a combination of developer tests and stress testing from end users. During the developer tests, the user interfaces will be tested with a virtual Android emulator provided by the Android software development kit. In order to test the hardware functionality, a Motorola DROID will be used. As for stress testing, a group of Android users will be testing the Memento application on their phones and providing user feedback. By taking outside input, the test group can find bugs that may have been overlooked during development. This helps improve the overall quality of the application for the end product.