Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

Zoë Wood


Entertaining and playable content in computer graphics requires real time rendering. Real time rendering essentially demands that frames need to be rendered within milliseconds in order to deliver an interactive experience for the client. Video games are an example of such a medium that needs real time rendering. Without frame rates in the realm of real time, video games cannot deliver an enjoyable experience. Behind virtually every video game is an engine. The architecture of video game engines usually comprises of sub engines that are specifically designed to handle physics, audio, user input and rendering. The purpose of this project is to focus on one aspect of a video game engine, which is real time rendering. Various rendering techniques and algorithms were investigated and implemented. Visual quality is an important factor. However, quality often comes at the cost of speed and performance. Compromises in quality and performance have to be made. Ongoing research in various rendering algorithms and techniques search for faster ways to do things while increasing quality.