FRG Turbojet

Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

John Oliver


Members of the Cal Poly SLO campus club FRG work together with students of several different disciplines to build a functional turbojet engine. Engineering approaches include design, fabrication, testing, and computer sensing, control, and integration. The goal of the project is to produce a running turbojet engine monitored and controlled by embedded hardware and specialized PC software. This project is to be used by later groups for further research and development.

43R-servo.pdf (620 kB)
Servo Datasheet

AD8494.pdf (490 kB)
EGT Thermocouple Amplifier Datasheet

AEM 30-2012.pdf (65 kB)
Oil Temperature Sensor Datasheet

e3t-fd13.pdf (2332 kB)
RPM Photosensor Datasheet

G4A-relay.pdf (447 kB)
Power Relay Datasheet

honeywell-c554a.pdf (193 kB)
Flame Sensor Datasheet

honeywell-mlh.pdf (224 kB)
Combustor Pressure Sensor Datasheet