Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

John Seng


Every year at Cal Poly there is a robotics competition called Roborodentia . Roborodentia is sponsored by various industry leaders to provide a valuable and fun learning experience for Cal Poly students and alumni. The competition is held during the Cal Poly open house and draws a large number of spectators. In order to provide the spectators with a fun experience, it is necessary to present them with a live scoreboard, with visual and auditory effects.

The objective of this senior project was to design and build a fully functional scoreboard and tournament bracket with real-time scoring and timer. The project was implemented in software using the Python programming language and the WxPython library. The automatic scoring system was also built using Python with a library called Twisted to build a fully functional server. The scoring system used a mobile webpage using l HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The scoring system allowed judges to score the match using a mobile device and a Wi-Fi connection.

The scoring system featured team names, team pictures, match scores, and the double elimination bracket layout. Teams and spectators would also be able to see the next matches that were about to start. Each time a team would gain or loose a point the system would also pay sound effect. The system was implemented and used successfully for the most recent Roborodentia tournament and possibly for future Roborodentia tournaments.