Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

John Oliver


The Elementary Electronic Kit and Interactive Web Database (E-Kit) project will focus on bridging the gap between Cal Poly students and local elementary schools to raise interests in engineering. Its main purpose is to expose local elementary school students to basic engineering concepts through simple interactive engineering experiments and lessons. The initial idea and proposal for this project was introduced by John Oliver, senior project advisor, whose main goal is to provide a service that would allow local elementary school teachers to bring in Cal Poly student volunteers to teach basic engineering lessons to their class. Lessons will focus on specific grade level’s math and science objectives while introducing new related engineering ideas.

There are two main design requirements to the overall system: a basic template for each experimental lesson (E-Kits) and a corresponding interactive web database. The first design aspect involves the development of a basic easy-to-follow template for the engineering kits (EKits). The template will be used as the basic structure for future Cal Poly students to develop future E-kits that will be taught in elementary school classrooms. The second design aspect requires the development of an interactive website that integrates a database on a web server to store valuable E-kit information. The website will allow Cal Poly student volunteers and local elementary school teachers to use it as a means of setting up lesson reservations and appointments. Student volunteers will be able sign up to administer lessons by providing their availability and selecting which kit they would like to teach. Elementary school teachers will have to ability to browse available kits and lessons, and reserve an appropriate time and date for a Cal Poly student volunteer to come by and teach their class.