Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

Hugh Smith


The Week of Welcome Android application aims to improve the efficiency and ease at which Orientation Leaders function during the week long program designed to aid in new student
assimilation to the San Luis Obispo campus and community. It focuses on four utilities combined in
one easy location that Leaders use on a regular basis. They are maps, the online guidebook, budget keeper, and contact list. These four utilities are commonly used by Leaders in their day to day
guidance of new students, making one single application with each tool very desirable to the WOW Program.

Currently there are no alternatives for Orientation Leaders at Cal Poly to use, except the possibility of utilizing four individual applications available either through the Android market or the internet. The origin of this project comes from many years of personal involvement in almost every
aspect of the Program, from new student to Executive Board as well as the input from many current participants.

The initial functionality of the WOW Application comes from four of the top needed utilities asked for by Orientation Leaders throughout the years. Because of time constraints, not every need can be serviced through this application. Instead, the goal was to get a start on a continuously growing WOW application that would keep improving the functionality of Leaders as they guide incoming freshman. After selecting the functions this project will aim to complete, the next step involves the implementation of the code required to accomplish these four tasks. This code will be broken up into four smaller programs that the main program will call when each is selected.

Lastly, testing becomes a major factor in judging the success rate of the application. The tests will be administered to a select group of individuals that will directly relate to the needs serviced with this utility. Getting feedback from these users generates the next steps to producing the “perfect” WOW utility app.