College - Author 1

College of Engineering

Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

Chris Lupo


The indexable inserts project is a collaborative effort to aggregate into a single database as many indexable carbide inserts from as many manufacturers as possible. Inserts are generally labeled with a part number following a specific standard determined by shapes and measurements, however specifications for certain aspects of carbide inserts—such as which materials they can cut—can vary by manufacturer. There currently is not a way to search a comprehensive database containing tools from multiple manufacturers for a handful of inserts that would satisfy some necessary parameters, making finding the correct tool in a shop a much more time-consuming process than it needs to be. By compiling a single, searchable database of indexable inserts from multiple manufacturers, as well as incorporating a shop-specific inventory system and easy-to-read labeling system, we will make tool organization and selection a much simpler task.

For the back end of this project, we will be making a database of carbide insert specifications from the most prominent manufacturers; time limiting, we plan to have two to three manufacturers in the database by the end of the project and potentially more in the future. Adam, my partner for this project, developed a web scraper to collect this data from manufacturers’ websites. For the front end, we will construct a website with the primary focus being displaying this data in a way that is easy to search and read. We also plan to implement an inventory support for clients, allowing them to search their own shop’s inventory for whatever tool is needed and catalog their stock of each tool. Another aspect to our project is generating custom labels for each insert to help organize tools in a client’s shop, though this is a secondary objective.