College - Author 1

College of Engineering

Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

John Bellardo


Josh, Matt and I knew we wanted to develop a mobile app for our senior project because that is what we found ourselves to be most passionate about during our time here at Cal Poly. We started to think of problems we wanted to solve using an application and we came up with a couple ideas but chose to expand on one. Students come to Cal Poly every year new to the area and the food options San Luis Obispo provides. Many of the restaurants in SLO offer a variety of deals to the community and most of them to the college students living here. We wanted to make it easier for freshman all the way up to seniors and beyond to have easy access to all the restaurant deals around SLO. Also, we wanted to provide these restaurants with a space to advertise their deals in one space where they can maximize the people seeing them. We based our prototype on the Cal Poly community but wanted to make the ability to expand our application to other college communities.

We knew there were other application out there for users to be able to see restaurants around them, rate and review them, and potentially see deals. However, we wanted to focus our application around college students by creating a UI that fits the college culture and have sayings that appeal to their community. In this app you can; create a personal account, discover new and old restaurants, rate and favorite restaurants, view new and old deals, use deals, search for nearby restaurants, and manage your current favorite restaurants. We also provided a way for a restaurant owner to create their own account, manage their restaurant, add deals, remove deals, and add images of their restaurant and deals to entice this specific base of users. One of our first steps when starting to develop KeyLime was deciding the roles each of us would have on the project. Programming assignments can be tricky to divide up if not done correctly because of merge conflicts. Below describes how we decided to spread out the work because of individual’s skill sets and thinking about the components of an application (frontend, backend, and a database).