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BS in Computer Engineering




John Bellardo


New freshmen arrive at Cal Poly every year, experience Week of Welcome, and, if they haven’t been to Firestone Grill within the first week, they can consider themselves an anomaly. But how long until those freshmen find the amazing sandwiches and breakfast burritos served at Gus’s Grocery or hear about the free burger promo at Sylvester’s? The goal of this senior project was to create an app, KeyLime, that makes it easy for college students to find new eateries and fresh deals that are local, affordable, and tasty. KeyLime aims to target college students and create a space for restaurants both new and old to be discovered. The goal of bridging the gap in communication between college students and restaurants is accomplished by allowing easy access to current available deals, and providing simple restaurant reviews from a similarly aged audience. The UI is split into tabs based on specific functionality, and users have means of interacting by declaring favorite restaurants and deals that they have used. The Discover tab is focused on finding new and trending restaurants by applying multiple filters. The Deals tab allows the user to find deals for favorite restaurants and those with approaching expiration dates. The Search tab allows users to search for specific restaurants or types of restaurant in the area. Finally, the Settings tab allows the user to manage and view account information while also allowing admin user access to their restaurant’s deals. These main areas of functionality describe at a high level the app that will be expounded upon in this report in both design decisions required and implementation difficulties encountered.