College - Author 1

College of Engineering

Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

Phillip Nico


Communities are familiar threads that unite people through several shared attributes and interests. These commonalities are the core elements that link and bond us together. Many of us are part of multiple communities, moving in and out of them depending on our needs. These common threads allow us to support and advocate for each other when facing a common threat or difficult situation. Healthy and vibrant communities are fundamental to the operation of our society. These interactions within our communities define the way we as individuals interact with each other, and society at large. Being part of a community helps us push past our differences bringing forward issues that really matter to us.

The motivation for this application comes from a desire to increase community involvement and activism. Engaging members of a community can be difficult because each one is so different and plagued by its own set of issues. I know this firsthand, having worked and volunteered in my hometown that many of these circumstances are difficult and complex. This application will not change the world, nor does it attempt too because the real work that needs to be done to heal and repair a community starts with direct intervention and involvement. I think any application in this realm that makes claims like these is entirely false and is completely out of touch with its users. The intention is to serve as a platform for those looking to become more involved and involve others in their community.

The mobile application will be android based. A user’s primary options is twofold: discover events around them and post new events for others to see. If the user is trying to discover new events around them, they will have the option of both a Map View and List View each providing a detailed information of these events. If the user is trying to let others know about things going on in their community the user will have the option to create an event. Events in this case are broken down into two groups: community involvement activities like seminars or volunteer opportunities and other events like robberies or car crashes that inform the community of situations occurring around them. These distinctions will be made throughout the application. The application will rely on crowd sourced information so the greater the involvement the better and more up to date the application will be.