Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

Benjamin Hawkins


The Sense Yo Soles project is a system that is embedded into a shoe insert; the plantar pressure distribution is measured by calculating the ratio of pressure on 6 individual pressure sensors located on the lateral, medial, and heel areas of both the left and right foot to the total pressure distributed across both feet. The alpha prototype created by our client and her Biomedical Engineering senior project team at San Jose State University, measured and analyzed data using the above method while connected to power and a computer. In CPE 350, we made the system stand alone and wireless allowing for the product to be more usable, and reduced the overall cost of the system. We achieved 2 this by using an ATtiny84 microcontroller to control these peripherals and to send data wirelessly using Bluetooth to an external device for processing. In CPE 450, we ported the Java application to an Android application, implemented sleep cycles with interrupts for power management, and implemented a dual sensor communication, allowing 2 sensors to send data to a single Android device. Our main goals for CPE 461/462 were to use Bluetooth Low Energy for power management, to display standing and stride data in a user friendly way on an iOS application, and to package hardware into the insole.