Department - Author 1

Computer Engineering Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Computer Engineering



Primary Advisor

Andrew Danowitz


The goal of this project is to make a Module that enables anyone watching a person with disabilities to record any seizure that this person has under their care. Then when the Doctor/parent receives their patient/kid they are able to download all the seizures that their patient/kid had while they were away. The Doctor/parent then has the exact time, the duration of the seizure, and the type of seizure for all the seizures that have occurred while they were away from their patient/kid. From this data it is possible that the Doctor may see some sort of patterns that enables him to make better medical decisions for the patient/kid. 8. Introduction This project came about due to my sister, Amy, who has daily seizures. The Doctors do not know what causes her seizures and her disability has not been clinically diagnosed. My parents want a way for Amy’s Aide to document the seizures that she has while she is in the Aide’s care. They are hoping to gain some type of indication of why her seizures are occurring from the data that the seizure tracker records at home and at school. The solution to this problem is broken into two parts. The first part of the solution is to make a Module that records seizures. A simple solution would be to make an Android application that records Amy’s seizures, but she has no use for a phone. More importantly, my sister cannot protect her valuables, so using a Module that is only able to record seizures reduce the risk of the Module being lost. The second part is having some way to get the seizure information off of the Module. My parents have Android phones, and Android phones are Bluetooth capable. So, I built an Android application that gets the seizure information off of the Module via Bluetooth. 9. Design This section covers what the different parts of the system look like as a whole, and what design constraints exist. This design section will specifically be covering the design considerations, and then exploring the design of the Module, then the Android application and lastly the networking between the Module and Android application.