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BA in Communication Studies




Steven McDermott


How did Andre Agassi overcome his battle with depression and struggles with the media and the pressure he put on himself? Andre eventually found ways to conquer his demons and eventually love himself and the support group around him. In this paper, I am going to explain the struggles Andre dealt with from childhood to the bad choices he made when he hit rock bottom. Then I am going to explain how he overcame these obstacles to become one of the greatest athletes to conquer his demons and eventually was able to educate thousands of young children and teach them to have dreams of their own. Most importantly, I will explain how the rhetor (Andre Agassi) gets the reaction from the audience and the world as he did. The way he is so brutally honest and made people feel empathetic for himself, allows the audience to feel like they can learn something from his story. Many different types of audiences would benefit from Open because the rhetor is so passionate, compassionate, and most importantly, honest. Lastly, I will describe a method and framework to discuss Andre’s artifact and analyze his decisions and the communication he builds with the audience. Andre Agassi shared his story about overcoming obstacles such as depression and perfectionism in order to share his wisdom with the audience, where he speaks from the heart to inspire others to overcome similar situations.

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