College - Author 1

College of Liberal Arts

Department - Author 1

Communication Studies Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Communication Studies



Primary Advisor

Lauren Kolodziejski, College of Liberal Arts, Communication Studies Department


Inequality, discrimination, and sexual harassment has been occurring ever since individuals stepped into the workforce. All individuals are affected by these issues but in this paper, I mainly focus on women. I discuss the psychological effects these issues have on individuals, and then introduce my method and concepts. Throughout this paper, I use feminist criticism to take a closer look as to how women are portrayed in the two films, Bombshell, and 9 to 5, which are decades apart, and see how women have been treated in the workforce versus men. I then use identification to discover how these films use tactics to identify with their intended audience to create a more powerful message. Then, I use fragments to explain how these films influence future discourse on these issues and how we are only seeing a fragment of the truth, but not the whole truth. Next, I review the history of women in the workforce and the negative consequences that have come along with their contribution. Lastly, I lay out the policies that have been enacted over the last few decades, express hope, and explain what we should do moving forward to tackle these challenges. These issues have been occurring for far too long. However, it has led to current movements such as the #MeToo movement. People have finally found their voices and will no longer be silenced about their experiences. What we need to do now is continue to raise awareness and fight harder than we ever have so that there comes a day where all individuals feel comfortable, valued, and respected while working.