Department - Author 1

Communication Studies Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BA in Communication Studies



Primary Advisor

Julia K. Woolley


This paper investigates whether there is or is not a correlation between feminine perceptions of Communications and the relevance of the major. One Hundred Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students were asked to complete a survey that included basic student demographics as well as if they have taken courses within the major or know anyone within it, their perceived relevance of the major, and whether they believed it to be for males or females. The test between the two variables was shown as approaching statistical significance. After analyzing these results, using feminine perceptions as the independent variable and the relevance of the major as the dependent variable, we were able to conclude that the level of feminine perception could be used to help determine someone’s perceived relevance. Additional tests were run to investigate if there is correlations between “Communications as a relevant major” (CRM) correlated with: “Communications as a Major meant for Men” (CMM), Feminine Traits (FT), and Masculine Traits (MT). These resulted in approaching statistical significance between CRM and CRW as well as among CRM and FT. The results did not demonstrate statistical significance between CRM and CMM as well as among CRM and MT. We speculate that due to the limitations of our research, there is still the possibility of an even stronger correlation amongst our hypothesis.