Construction Management Department

Degree Name

BS in Construction Management




Lonny Simonian


This project involves the project management of a proposed 1,000 square foot accessory dwelling unit that is to be constructed in Alamo, California. The objective is to provide the necessary and efficient means of construction in order to properly establish this unit from conception to permitting. This has been done by obtaining all necessary paperwork, forms, and stamp approvals needed to allow for groundbreaking. The design of the project includes the basic pre-construction activities required to obtain an issued building permit such as collecting bids from architects, working with the client, obtaining plans, developing an adequate schedule and cost estimate, and assembling all necessary documents in order to construct the unit. Upon collection of the pre-construction documents, it became clear how to properly assist a client through the entire process from hiring a compatible architect and engineer to accumulating a building permit. After executing this process, knowledge was gained about the varying codes and regulations from county to county, the required drawings and documents needed for the permitting process, and the different fees that are associated with building a home. This project ultimately serves to showcase a project manager’s responsibilities and tasks from identifying the client to the final deliverable of an issued permit in the hand of the client.

Available for download on Thursday, December 06, 2018