College - Author 1

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Department - Author 1

Construction Management Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Construction Management



Primary Advisor/Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Tom Kommer, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Construction Management Department


Lean scheduling and pull planning are both excellent methods of scheduling and sequencing a project. It has made huge impacts on scheduling for general contractors in southern and northern region of California. However, Central California has not been able to see the benefits and impacts of these scheduling tools because of the regions lack of use of lean scheduling and pull planning. Lean scheduling is a technique that encourages communication and collaboration between the project stakeholders. Pull planning offers project stakeholders a chance to rally together and collaborate. These pull planning sessions are useful for sequencing work to meet milestones or complete difficult construction activities. Through collaboration, we are able to eliminate waste and simplify the required work for the project. Central California is missing out on the benefits of this program. The traditional way of critical path scheduling is still the dominant scheduling method in this region. This workshop dives deep into defining what Lean scheduling is and what its benefits are. The workshop also helps to explain the full picture as to why lean scheduling and pull planning hasn’t made an impact in Central California.

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