Construction Management Department

Degree Name

BS in Construction Management




Philip Barlow


This Paper Focuses on the concrete industry and programs that prepare college students for their future in it and to try and implement some sort of concrete program at Cal Poly. The idea to make Concrete Industry Management first came along at Middle Tennessee State University in 1996, but only a few other programs have started at other schools since then. These programs focus on skills for graduates to enter the concrete industry in production, project management, sales, and marketing. They are structured similar to the way Construction Management programs are structured and have similar courses like estimating, sustainability, and project management as well. Data on program curriculum, industry support, and entry level jobs after graduation was collected from the four schools around the country that have Concrete Industry Management programs. A survey was given to Cal Poly Students in Construction Management. Their responses helped conclude the research that was needed to lay out the structure of a concrete program that could be implemented for Cal Poly students.