College - Author 1

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Department - Author 1

Construction Management Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Construction Management



Primary Advisor/Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Thomas Kommer, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Construction Management Department


The goal of this research paper is to analyze feedback from both student interns, and the industry on whether there is a disconnect between what each group feels makes an internship beneficial or not. Research was done evaluating current Construction Management students with internship experience at Cal Poly, while also evaluating companies that have internship programs. This paper will provide student interns with insight from industry members regarding internship programs, and it will provide companies with insight from students regarding their experiences within internship programs. Two surveys were sent out, one to all Construction Management Students at Cal Poly, and another to industry companies, all respondents were instructed to only complete the survey if they had internship experience or had internship programs. This paper analyzes what student interns believe made their internship most beneficial, and what elements companies find create the most beneficial internship programs.

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