Construction Management Department

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BS in Construction Management




Philip Barlow


For a smaller construction firm to maintain viability within the market place, it must adopt effective and more efficient means of promoting sales, managing subcontractors, and meeting increasingly short schedules in order to keep pace with competitors. The intent of this research is to compose a case study on a small-scale general contracting firm that is currently in the process of implementing the management software, BuilderTrend. It aims to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the firm’s standard practices prior to implementation, followed by an analysis of the software’s impact on key performance indicators including sales and project documentation. It will also address challenges faced during the product implementation process as well as potential barriers to the projected growth in the product’s utility. The study will then proceed to predict key factors that may reduce or increase benefits over a projection of two years, establishing a qualitative range of plausible outcomes in relation to utility over time.

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