College - Author 1

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Department - Author 1

Construction Management Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Construction Management



Primary Advisor/Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Andrew Kline, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Construction Management Department


This report details the project that was completed to produce a preliminary 4D Schedule for the Alma Clark Glass Residence Hall on Western Washington University’s campus. A 4D schedule combines the 3D model of the building and the project schedule and ultimately shows the sequence of construction. The main objective of this project is to explore areas for improved communication strategies within the project team. A 4D schedule provides an added dimension of communication that has the potential, if delivered effectively, to clearly define construction milestones and sequences for an owner to understand. The goal of this project is to have an owner, in this case Western Washington University, understand the benefits of 4D schedules in hopes of making this a required tool on future projects. As this is a preliminary 4D schedule, it only gives a rough picture as to how the schedule will flow. This schedule should be updated through the lifecycle of the project to increase its effectiveness as a communication tool.

Jacobs_SeniorProject_PosterBoard.pdf (5041 kB)
Poster Board