Beyond the Work Sustainable Housing Community

Ryan J. Brown, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


The Beyond the Work sustainable housing community is a development located in Santa Margarita, CA that seeks to provide housing to low income people with an added emphasis on sustainable, off-grid living. The project started from scratch, and I assisted the team with preconstruction services in permitting, design, and estimating. I was able to chip away at the permitting process by helping our team understand what was needed to get the project permitted. This was a process that involved copious amounts of research into what type of permitting would be required for an unconventional project like this one. I also helped design 3d renderings of the proposed shipping container home and a deck that would eventually be attached to the home. From these renderings, I was able to estimate material costs for both the home and deck separately. The overall experience was extremely valuable in learning the different processes in preconstruction and adding value to a community-based project.