College - Author 1

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Department - Author 1

Construction Management Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Construction Management



Primary Advisor/Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Edward Boucher, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Construction Management Department


The construction industry in recent times have seen an increase in inclusivity and diversity among the workplace. The industry seems to make improvements and steps to create an overall accepting workforce. However, there is still a need to produce a more inclusive work environment. There are many organizations and legal requirements that push for improving diversity throughout companies, but still the industry struggles to do so. Improving diversity in the workforce can reach out to more personnel with talent and skill to possibly attack the trade labor shortage in this industry. Analytical research methods in these reports were used to produce a combination of online research and interviews from six different people aligned with commercial and heavy civil companies. All of the interviewed respondents hold different positions in the company and experienced unique circumstances based on the years with the company and their professional backgrounds. Through the interviews and research, it is evident that the construction industry has a long way to go in improving an inclusive workplace. As companies begin to develop new management strategies and recruit more employees, diversity continues to be a problem that stands in the way. This project looks to distinguish the holes in the industry which diversity lacks. This study will look to analyze the comparison of diversity management between a large heavy civil contractor and a smaller commercial general contractor.

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