Construction Management Department

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BS in Construction Management




Philip Barlow


The California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo serves as a well-respected university holding a prestigious program within the Construction Management department. The Construction Management program offers a wide variety of courses covering topics of business, engineering, communication, and most of all construction. It utilizes a learn-by-doing motto which greatly aids the students of construction as they are able to experience hands on activities and truly learn the building blocks of the industry. This is one reason why graduates from the Cal Poly construction management program are highly sought after in the construction industry outside of the college as well as highly regarded by industry leaders networking throughout the many ASC student competitions. The Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) is a professional organization of construction educators and industry practitioners that work together for the development and advancement of construction education. The organization and student competitions help to promote the sharing of ideas and knowledge in addition to inspiring, guiding, and promoting excellence in curricula, teaching, research, and service. It’s a beneficial experience providing exposure to construction industry knowledge and an opportunity to network with many industry leaders. It serves as an extracurricular activity for the students in the construction management department although there are many educational opportunities to learn from the ASC competitions. Ultimately, this paper analyzes the perspectives of the students in the Cal Poly construction management major, whom have and have not participated in the competitions, through survey analysis and personal interviews to propose the implementation of the extracurricular skills and knowledge within the CM program. This in hand will help attain the industry knowledge and learning experiences provided at the student competitions to current students in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design as well as future students and competitors participating in the ASC competitions.

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