Detention Basin Condition Assessment Forms (CAF)

Kristoffer L. Camargo, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


The state of California requires local cities to periodically perform infrastructure evaluations. One of these evaluations is the assessment of a municipality’s stormwater infrastructure systems. These inspections determine the performance of a cities infrastructure and provide additional funding if needed. There are many types of stormwater structures that control the runoff water from either rainstorms, snowmelt, or any tropical storm. A detention basin is a fundamental part of a city’s stormwater infrastructure, typically basins are at the end of the line and catch all the stormwater from reaching natural rivers, lakes, and the ocean. The purpose of a catch basin is to naturally allow the water from the previous storm to percolate into the ground, replenishing the groundwater. BMPs are the best practices used by cities to manage their stormwater systems and are recognized and encouraged by the state of California. This document will improve the process of evaluating the BMPs allowing all municipalities in the state to record and report important information. The document will also expedite the process by providing an inclusive easy to execute the procedure to evaluate your stormwater systems. Creating a uniform document will allow the state of California to easily identify and diagnose areas of poor percolation and provide specific funding to areas in need.