College - Author 1

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Department - Author 1

Construction Management Department

Degree Name - Author 1

BS in Construction Management



Primary Advisor/Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Tom Kommer, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Construction Management Department


PlanGrid is a mobile construction management, document control software that gives builders real-time access to blueprints, punch lists, daily reports, submittals, RFIs and more. It is used throughout the industry by many different construction companies. The purpose of this project is to give Cal Poly construction management students early exposure to PlanGrid in an introduction lab in the jobsite construction class, CM 413. Before the lab was taught, a brief survey was sent out to construction companies asking their thoughts on how much exposure CM students should receive in PlanGrid. After receiving the survey results, the PlanGrid introduction lab was taught. Students were first walked through the program and then given assignments on both their laptops and mobile phones. The overall goals and takeaways from this lab are to help students become more well-rounded and better prepared to enter the industry as assets to construction companies, and potentially increasing the school’s use of PlanGrid in the construction curriculum.