Construction Management Department

Degree Name

BS in Construction Management




Philip Barlow


Habitat for Humanity International Global Village recruits and sends volunteers to work on various construction Habitat for Humanity construction projects around the world. The village of Khobili in the Mulanje District of Malawi, Africa was selected as the location to construct three homes for villagers that had lost their homes during severe flooding. For me this was an incredible opportunity to come together with a team of other volunteers to build homes for orphans and their caretaker in a rural Malawian village. The Habitat team worked with skilled local masons to build safe, durable and comfortable houses from the foundation up. This was an extraordinary building opportunity to put my three years of Cal Poly Construction Management education to work. In addition, the families and their neighbors welcomed us into the community, and we became immersed in the daily life of their village. We were invited to see homes which were still standing, and toured the entire village of 1,000+ residents. After the Habitat volunteer team finished building the houses, local Habitat for Humanity staff provided the children with health education, legal assistance, along with community and educational support.