College of Architecture and Environmental Design


Construction Management Department

Degree Name

BS in Construction Management




Jason Hailer, Phil Barlow


The Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design is becoming an integral part of construction. On many jobsites, recent graduates may not have enough knowledge to adequately catch and fix ADA compliance problems before they become a critical issue. With nearly all students and graduates going to work on projects governed by this code, knowledge of these codes, where to find them, and how to apply them is essential for graduates. Construction Management students believe this information would be very valuable to learn in school, and critical information to help them with their careers when they enter the industry. Some core lab courses do offer ADA code information, although nearly two thirds of students have never had any formal education on ADA design during their time at Cal Poly. Even those who have had formal education on ADA building codes find the curriculum in the Construction Management Department to be very ineffective in teaching it. This lack of information in the curriculum could be solved by either adding new information into the current core classes offered, or adding a dedicated special topics course to cover the lacking information. Due to only minor support for a special topics course, it would be most efficient to implement more ADA Code information into the current lab curriculum. Student’s preference in information in the curriculum centered around knowing common, major code issues to look for in their careers.